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  • Coffee Bar Restaurant
    Afionas, Corfu
  • Mediterranean Casual
  • Stunning
    Sunset Views
    In North Corfu

Our Story

Brunch with a sea view, modern Mediterranean cuisine while the sun sets, and cocktails under the stars. Anafoufou has it all! Anafoufou opened in summer 2022 to offer locals and tourists alike delicious cocktails and modern Mediterranean cuisine with stunning views and glorious sunsets. Located in the colourful and traditional village of Afionas, Anafoufou is one of the best places in Corfu to watch a sunset.

Our Menu

At Anafoufou our modern yet casual Mediterranean menu changes with the seasons just like our beautiful view.

Please note that during the winter period, food is only served on weekends and special event days.

Anafoufou Events

More events will be scheduled soon. Stay tuned!

Anafoufou Gallery